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Concetta is an Italian Osteopath graduated with a Master degree from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) and is currently registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Following her graduation, Concetta embarked on a rewarding journey as a member of the teaching team at BCOM where she had the privilege of leading and assisting in various modules for several years. This invaluable experience allowed her to nurture and inspire (she hopes!) aspiring allied health professionals, instilling in them a passion for an ethical and evidence-based practice.

Concetta’s clinical interests predominantly revolve around pain, pain management and health behaviour changes. These areas of focus stem from her inherent empathetic curiosity in people’s stories, lives, and behaviours. In addition to her involvement with BodyMatters Clinic, Concetta serves as a Pain Clinician for the Lincolnshire Pain Service in collaboration with the NHS.

Concetta is passionate about health optimisation and the impact of environmental stressors (from sleep/nutrition and work-related stress to health inequality and social injustices) on mindset, lifestyle choices and pain experience.

Her approach to patient care is patient-centred, ethical, and compassionate. She prioritises actively listening to her patients, creating a comfortable space for them to share their stories and concerns. Her ultimate objective is to empower her clients, equipping them with a deeper understanding of their pain, effective self-management techniques, and the ability to take control of their healing journey.

Depending on each patient’s unique preferences, circumstances, and expectations, Concetta incorporates a comprehensive range of treatments into her practice. These include hands-on treatments, movement therapy and exercise progression, mindfulness-based exercises, functional nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments. By tailoring her approach to suit individual needs, she maximises the potential for positive outcomes and holistic well-being.

During her leisure time, Concetta indulges in a variety of activities that fuel her passion for an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether she is rock climbing walls, engaging in weightlifting sessions, or tending to her vegetable garden at the Queen’s Park allotment, Concetta embraces opportunities for personal growth and self-care. She also finds joy in riding her motorbike, exploring nature through invigorating hikes, reading books (which she never finishes) and delighting in the creation of delicious (very delicious) food.

Concetta specialises in Osteopathy

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