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podiatry and biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

Orthotics are devices that are put inside your shoes to change the way in which your foot works. Sometimes these devices are temporary, sometimes they are used for comfort and at other times they are powerful, specially made devices to change the way you walk or run.

Functional Orthotics

Whilst the term ‘orthotic’ can be used to describe any device placed inside someone’s shoe, this section more accurately describes ‘functional orthotics’. Functional Orthotics are specially made, bespoke devices which are manufactured on a person by person, foot by foot basis; to the specifications of a pathomechanical prescription written by a biomechanics specialist podiatrist.

Problems with the way in which a person walks affect the entire structure of the body and in turn, problems with the structure of a person’s body will affect the way in which they walk. Sometimes, if a problem has existed for a long time, the relationship between all the bones, joints and muscles involved with walking can become ‘tangled-up’ and inefficient.

This inefficiency often manifests as a pain or a sensation of weakness. Due to the complexity of the relationship between all the hundreds of structures involved in walking; the reason for the pain is not always found where the pain in located.

The good news, however, is that this process is understood and can be corrected.

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What is a MSK Podiatrist

A Biomechanics specialist podiatrist (MSK Podiatrist) is a specialist in understanding how the body should work and who has the knowledge and skill to assess how an individual is actually working. Plans can then be created to help that individual work their way back towards normal function. Orthotics are most commonly the first stage of treatment to both target and help pain and to help manage the reasons behind it.

Because Orthotics can be used for so many different things (and because so many problems turn out to have a biomechanical component), a great number of people benefit from going through a course of Orthotic treatment.

Orthotics can be useful for


Biomechanical Assessment 60mins – £150
Bespoke Comfort Orthotics – £12- £50 (Depending on level and nature of correction required to reduce pain)
Functional Orthotics – £80- £180 (Depending on complexity of device and nature of materials used in manufacture)
Review appointment 30mins – £75


If you need to cancel your treatment, we ask that you give us 24 hours notice or the full cost of the treatment might be charged.